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Achievement of a high degree of security and comfort during the transportation of the guarded person is the proof of the bogy-guard’s good professional qualities.

“Protective driving“ is training course with practical orientation during which the body-guard is placed in a range of hypothetical risky situations. The training target is to support the development of knowledge and skills to adequate reactions aiming to protect client’s life and good health at the time of transportation.


To whom the course is oriented: body-guards of physical persons as well as all employees in the field of security activities.

Study program for the course “ Protective Driving“*

Course Administration Introduction to Protective Driving and Presentation of instructors and participants;

Vehicle Selection & Preparation;

Basic Principles for Protective Driving;

Search for Improvised Explosive Devices & ESDs;

Route Survey & Selection;

Securing safe and comfortable movement for VIP;

Study of main principles and techniques during the protective escort /configuration of two or more cars/;

Disclosure and counteraction to observation;

Defensive /protective/ driving;

Offensive /aggressive/ driving;

Techniques for management at breaking through an ambush on the road.


Defensive Driving & Convoy/ Motorcade Counter Surveillance;

Evasive Driving Actions on Ambush;

Evasive Driving Slalom Forward 180 Reverse 180 Solo & Convoy;

Offensive Driving Breakout Fishtail 1&2 car Ram Reverse Ram.

*The course will be lead on Bulgarian language.