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International Bodyguard Skills Master Class

The achievement of high degree of security and comfort for the guarded person is a proof for the professional skills and abilities of the Bodyguard.

"International Bodyguard Skills Master Class" is a training course with practical orientation and it aims to develop certain knowledge and skills for adequate reactions resulting in the protection of life and good health of the client under guard.


 To whom the course is addressed

Bodyguards of physical persons as well as to all employees in the field of security

Method for holding the training course

The course is of duration of 40 astronomic hours distributed in five consecutive days. It includes theoretical studies and moreover, during the course the participants will be placed in hypothetical situations in which they will develop and master their skills in security management, escorting the guarded person, close quarter battle, firearms instructions and training, etc.

Study program for the course International Bodyguard Skills Master Class*

Day 1

History & Role of the Bodyguard;

Structure & Role of the Bodyguard Team;

Basic Bodyguard Skills Introduction;

Day 2

History & Methods of Attempts for Assassination;

Protective Escort;

VIP Escort and Movements -  Red Carpet; Pressing Flesh; Escalators, Elevators/Lifts; Greeting line requirements

Day 3

Mounting & Dismounting VIP in/from the vehicle; Protective Driving;

Communications &-Electronic Counter-Surveillance;

Improvised Explosive Devices Search & Recognition;

Day 4

Improvised Explosive Devices Search & Recognition;

Conflict Management: Defence And Restraint Tactics; Close Quarter Battle (DART;

Day 5

Conflict Management: Tactical Firearms;

Bodyguard First-Aid Medical Ballistic Injury Management

 *The course will be lead on Bulgarian language.